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Speakers for sale at Teufel Audio

Teufel Audio’s direct sales approach already allows it to offer high-quality products at very low prices. After all, Teufel is able to save a full 30% that would otherwise be spent on retail costs – savings it can pass on to you. On top of incredible prices, Teufel offers regular sales and great “bundle” deals. Bundles are special product combinations – usually comprised of loudspeakers and control stations, Blu-ray players, or network players – that Teufel offers at a lower price than the purchase of the same components separately.

Teufel’s product selection changes from time to time, but one thing stays the same: We offer products for every taste and budget. On this site, you’ll find an overview of products with attractive discounts that tip Teufel’s already favourable price/performance ratio even more in your favour.