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Soundbars and Sounddecks – the upgrade for your TV sound

Soundbars are a great space-saving solution to easily upgrade your TV audio that can be placed either directly above or below your TV for a more immersive sound experience. Installation is often simple, too, requiring just an HDMI input to connect the soundbar to your TV. You just need to make sure your TV has an HDMI ARC input. And when it comes to sound, modern soundbars can compete with a complete home cinema set and even Dolby Atmos.

Soundbars at Teufel - identify your need

At Teufel, we have a wide range of TV soundbars of all sizes and all budgets. You don't have to break the bank for high-resolution audio. From small soundbars to larger ones, each with its own advantages when it comes to creating a better audio experience.

You need to start by identifying what's right for you. Are you after a budget soundbar? They might not have the full whammy of their more luxurious counterparts but are still a great way to improve your TV sound. Also, should you have a little extra bob later on you might have the opportunity to extend your TV audio by adding a subwoofer to your sound bar. And you can always add extra speakers for a true surround sound feeling.

Of course, they aren't just about TV. You can use them to stream your audio from any device via the built-in Bluetooth technology.

Virtual surround technology for a fuller sound experience

The success story behind our soundbars is - big performance in a compact design, intelligently designed. Our soundbars contain multiple built-in drivers, from upward-firing, downward-firing and more so dispersion really hits every corner of the room. The drivers are individually controlled, allowing for a virtual surround sound, which is comparable to that of a home cinema setup. This is also thanks to clever playback codecs like Dynamore Ultra or Dolby Virtual Speaker.

As well as our Dynamore software, you can wirelessly connect loudspeakers to nearly all of our soundbars to extend your sound to a real 5.1 cinema feeling. This also includes a subwoofer, as well as wireless subwoofers. You can learn more about this here - soundbars with optional rear speakers.

Multi-functional thanks to Bluetooth and HDMI

These are the possible input options that our sound bar systems offer:

  • Digital input: Whether optical or coaxial; these are used to connect external players or TV receivers
  • AUX input: A standard cinch cable can be used to connect a CD player or similar to the soundbar
  • Sub Out – If the bass is not enough, simply connect an external subwoofer/wireless subwoofer, depending on the model
  • HDMI: Universal interface for audio and sound signal

On top of all that, all of our sound bars and also the CIINEDECK, can be connected to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth to stream audio signals.

Sounddeck – the sound bar's cousin

Next to our soundbars, we also have a super-functional sounddeck - the TEUFEL CINEDECK. Sounddecks are designed lower and flatter than TV soundbars - but this doesn't mean the audio suffers in any way. In spite of the flat design, good sound with pressure in the low-frequency range can be reproduced. Making sounddecks the ideal, space-saving solution for anyone who doesn't want to buy a subwoofer for a heavier sound and bass.

The roundup - diverse, practical, comfortable

Either as slim soundbars or compact sounddecks - they're both practical, stylish and guarantee an immersive sound experience. They can easily be integrated into any room, by either being placed directly under the TV or on the shelf. Simply connect with an HDMI input to your sound base to get this musical allrounder going and enjoy great audio with ease. And you can easily upgrade your soundbar system for a real cinema surround sound for the best film, music and gaming playback.

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