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Record playes at Teufel

For many hi-fi fans, the record player and the beloved record collection are still the best means of transmitting analogue music. Even though digital music transmission from streaming services such as Spotify. Tidal or Deezer are becoming increasingly popular, vinyl is still the first choice for audiophile stereo fans. The music world turns at 33 or sometimes 45 revolutions per minute. The increasingly popular vinyl records have meanwhile outlived many other media such as cassettes or audio CDs, and collector's items are sold over the counter at sometimes enormously high prices. You can now enjoy the vinyl stereo feeling with Teufel. Thanks to our cooperation with the renowned manufacturer DUAL, we can also offer complete stereo system solutions (including Bluetooth and DAB+) combined with record players for lovers of the black discs.

Which loudspeakers are best for record players?

Basically, all stereo speakers, music systems with AV receivers, but also active speakers or even soundbars that have a corresponding AUX input for connecting the record player are suitable for playing vinyl. It doesn't matter whether it's a large hi-fi system, compact systems,Radio or active loudspeaker. If the stereo system has an AUX input designated as a phono input, a preamplifier is usually not necessary. If the input is not specifically designated for the connection of a record player, the sound signal must be amplified. In the case of a DUAL record player, this is done by the integrated preamplifier, which can optionally be activated via a slide switch on the back of the unit.

How do you connect record player to loudspeakers?

Any current record players, including DUAL models such as the DUAL DT 500 USB and the DUAL DT 250 USB, have an integrated phono equaliser and are therefore, in principle, recommended for all types of amplifiers. The integrated preamplifier can also be deactivated if necessary. If your stereo system has a phono connection, such as our KB 62 CD-RECEIVER from the ULTIMA 40 KOMBO series, you can deactivate the phono preamplifier. If your amplifier does not have a phono connection, you can simply activate the phono equaliser and use a free stereo cinch input (e.g. "AUX IN").


What does belt drive mean?

In order for the discs to rotate, the turntable is driven by a motor. The belt drive transmits the rotation with the help of a belt. Therefore, it does not have to be installed directly under the turntable, as is the case with the direct drive, but can also be located somewhere else. The belt, which is usually made of rubber, does not transmit any noise from the motor. Due to the smooth running and the resulting good sound, the belt drive of DUAL record players is ideal for home use, not least because of the good price-performance ratio. However, the belt should be replaced every few years even on the best record player. The counterpart to this are turntables with direct drive, in which the turntable is rotated directly by the motor axle. Direct-drive models have high speed stability and are largely insensitive to manual interventions such as stopping or scratching. Therefore, this mode of operation is particularly popular with DJs and DJanes.

Digital via USB

There are many reasons for digitisation. Of course, the original on vinyl is always the most beautiful, but digitalisation is a good option, especially to preserve the sometimes very expensive original recordings.
You can also play your favourite records via the CD player or USB connection in the car radio or on the road via your smartphone, because the data can be burned from records to CD or uploaded to a cloud. The USB record players from DUAL combined with our systems are conveniently designed for this purpose. With their integrated USB connection, they can be quickly connected to a PC or Mac via the USB cable supplied. The audio signals transferred via USB are processed using the corresponding software and can then be burned onto a CD using a CD drive and are then ready for playback on any CD player.

The pickup - a small component with an important task

The pick-up is attached to the end of the tone arm. The housing of the pick-up houses the pick-up needle, a needle carrier and a transducer with coils and magnets. The sound information is encoded as indentations in the grooves of the record. As the needle travels along the grooves, it traces the indentations and elevations. From the frequency and amplitude of the needle movements, the transducer generates the transmittable sound signal, which can now be transmitted from the record player - if necessary also amplified via the built-in preamplifier - to the stereo system / music system.

Needle and anti-skating

When playing a vinyl record, the needle gradually "moves" from the outer edge to the inner area of the record. This effect can also be called "skating force". Similar to a centrifuge, however, the record needle is also pulled towards the inside of the grooves. This can cause more wear on the grooves or distortions in the sound. To counteract this, you can use the anti-skating setting to keep the tone arm exactly in the middle of the groove. At the same time, you should check the weight of the tonearm so that it rests horizontally and runs as smoothly as possible.

Conclusion: Proven technology in a new guise

With DUAL turntables, you can give new life to your old record collection and, thanks to the analogue audio playback, you have an authentic sound image with pleasant bass and unadulterated treble. The models are also suitable for beginners and can be connected to any amplifier or active loudspeaker with RCA inputs thanks to the integrated phono equaliser.

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