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5.1 PC Speakers – enjoy surround sound at your computer

When it comes to movies, tastes vary: Thrillers, dramas, romantic comedies – no two people will ever quite agree on what makes a good movie. With movie sound, however, the standards are more uniform. Everyone enjoys harmonious, dynamic sound that is true to the original sound track. Most people go to the movies just to experience the sort of thrilling surround sound that puts you right in the action and Teufel makes it possible to experience the same phenomenon at home. Our range of 5.1 systems allow you to enjoy  room-filling sound in your living room or at your computer desk without having to wait in line or pay for over priced popcorn.

Are 5.1 systems suitable for use at computers?

5.1 systems can be used in combination with many types of media. The following devices can successfully reproduce surround sound:
  • Blu-ray players
  • DVD players
  • Game consoles
  • Sat receivers/HD Decoder/DVB-T receivers
  • MP3 players
  • Televisions etc.
A 5.1 system can be directly connected to a PC or Mac if the soundcard in your computer is equipped for 5.1 sound and if there are outputs for front (R/L), rear (R/L), and centre speakers plus subwoofer. If this is the case, all loudspeakers wil be activated for a complete surround sound experience. If, however, there is only one output available, the front inputs (R/L) will have to be connected to the subwoofer. Thanks to Upmix technology, even stereo signals can be channeled to all six loudspeakers. If a 5.1 recording is available, you’ll be able to enjoy authentic surround sound.

5.1 surround loudspeakers – Teufel has a large selection

Those who appreciate atmospheric, enveloping sound during movies, should invest in a 5.1 system. Teufel has a large selection of PC systems that produce transparent sound that puts you right in the action. Some of our systems come complete with control devices for PC sets with integrate Dolby/DTS decoders, a feature that appeals to most home cinema fans!
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