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17 Prodotti

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    Headphones from Teufel – Hi-Fi to go

    The earliest headphones were invented along with the first telephones and radios, but the sound channel was mono and not exactly high fidelity. Today, headphones have kept up with and complimented the latest technolgical developments. Teufel offers a range of headphones including in-ear and over-ear models.

    In-ear headphones and earbuds

    A good pair of heaphones should be comfortable to wear and is characterised by all of the same criteria used to assess loudspeaker sound: frequency range, transparency, clarity, etc. There are also some criteria that are used specifically for headphones: a high-end pair of headphones should offer “airiness” and a good “out of head” experience.

    In-ear headphones are tiny monitors (and therefore sometimes called “in-ear monitors” or IEMs) that are placed directly into the ear canal. Small silicone or foam ear pieces are often placed on the monitors so that they fit snugly and comfortably.

    Earbuds are another form of small headphone that is placed in the ear, only not into the ear canal itself, but rather just outside of it. Both ear buds and in-ears are ideal for active lifestyles due to their small, easily stowable size and snug fit – perfect for jogging or enjoying music from an MP3 player or smartphone on the subway.

    Teufel offers open and closed over-ear headphones

    Over-ear headphones are certainly less discrete than in-ears, but they generally offer a better out-of-head experience. Teufel’s open over-ear headphones, the Aureol Real, offer a well defined stereo image that makes all genres of music an absolute joy to listen to. Thanks to their high definition sound, the Real can be used as studio monitor headphones.

    Our closed over-ear model, the Aureol Massive, delivers a bass that doesn’t fatigue the ears. The Massive's deep waves of satisfying sonic energy are just the thing for dance, dubstep, and techno. A closed design makes the Massive perfect for DJs and a well-defined upper range delivers a great listening experience with all genres of music.

    Decide for yourself whether you’d prefer the portable power of the Aureol Fidelity or Move in-ear headphones, the transparent sound of an Aureol Real, or the exquisite bass of the Aureol Massive.

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