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Speaker packages – Loudspeaker/ AV receiver combos

There are two ways of achieving good sound with a hifi device: One either purchases the individual components piece by piece or goes for the purchase of a complete all-in-one set. The latter option saves time since there is no need to search for suitable loudspeakers and the right amplifiers to go with them. With Teufel, speaker packages are sure to save you money as well.

Speaker packages – the all-in-one solution

Whether you choose a 2.0 or 2.1 set, hifi speaker packages provide everything you need to experience great sound from one system. Of course, speaker packages are not exclusively for music playback. There are many that are optimized for home cinema sound. A variety of audio sources create a broad range of playback options. A complete system with a Blu-ray player or an integrated radio receiver as well as CD player perfectly cover all your home entertainment needs. Thanks to their compact dimensions, many of Teufel’s speaker packages can be integrated into any interior.