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Aktivlautsprecher von Teufel
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12 Prodotti

About active loudspeakers

Powerful active loudspeaker systems from Teufel form a coordinated symbiosis between amplifier and transducer. Thus these active systems make any external amplifier/AV receiver superfluous. For customers it is then simply: Connect or connect the player, turn up the sound and enjoy.

Aktive Lautsprechersysteme haben die Kraft im Inneren

In the course of technical development, amplifier units are now so compact that they fit into any chassis. Depending on the form factor, active loudspeaker systems are therefore soundbars, sound decks, compact all-in-one devices or even large floorstanding loudspeakers. Even portable speakers are active. All our active systems are basically built like any devil product: the sound is in the foreground. The advantage is that the internal amplifier can be optimally tuned to the sound transducers, no matter what form factor the system has.

The Ultima 40 Active- Active loudspeakers with HDMI

What is more suitable than making active speakers connectable directly to the TV via HDMI? But if you're looking for 3-way floorstanding speakers with HDMI, you'll probably have to go to the devil. We have them, the mega active speakers with the extra features, Ultima 40 Active. HDMI is standard.

Aktive Soundbars in großer Auswahl

From the compact entry-level model Cinebar One with a width of just 30 centimetres to the high-end system Cinebar Pro, which can also be expanded with rear speakers, Lautsprecher Teufel offers a versatile selection of active speaker systems in the form of bars with high-quality soundbars and sounddecks.

Portable Active speakers - fun for on the go

Simply take your favourite sound with you and use it wherever you want - that's what the ROCKSTER series offers, like the new Cross & Go and the popular Teufel BAMSTER. Active speakers to take along not only have the amplifier on board but also the power supply in the form of the integrated rechargeable battery. Some of these clever active loudspeakers can also be connected to each other.

Die Teufel Streaming series – more than an active speaker

Teufel offers with the active speakers of the Teufel Streaming series multiple integrated innovative and clever technology. These are loudspeakers that are apparently completely autonomous. Because they draw music invisibly via wifi or Bluetooth. Made possible by Raumfeld technology and completely controlled by Teufel Raumfeld App.

Compact versions of these wifi active loudspeakers are the Teufel One S and One M. If you prefer a more generous sound, you'll find the perfect match in the Stereo M active shelf loudspeaker or the Stereo L active floor-standing loudspeaker.

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