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13 Prodotti

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The perfect world is still vinyl-shaped for many music lovers. A black disc that rotates at 33 revolutions per minute. The record boom continues unabated. Therefore, in cooperation with the popular manufacturer of record players, TEAC, we now offer complete solutions for lovers of black discs. Our Ultima 40 Active Vinyl is the rebirth of the classic stereo system with turntable: With its 2 x 130 watt Class-D amplifier, our Ultima 40 Active is the perfect partner for the TEAC turntable TN-3B.

Who likes it smaller, can of course also combine our compact systems with turntables. When you order a Kombo 42 BT or Kombo 22 stereo system, you can add a TEAC unit to your order in our configurator.

Setting up tips

TEAC turntables usually have an integrated phono preamplifier and can, therefore, be connected directly to a system. This is possible with all Teufel combo models, all Teufel and Onkyo amplifiers with line-in or for example with soundbars or the Teufel streaming products.

More info in our blog:

  • Connect the turntable: This is how it works:

    In order to enjoy the sound, the signal generated by the Bluetooth turntable must first be pre-amplified. An amplifier or receiver should have a so-called phono input for this. If you have a turntable with an MC cartridge, you should also make sure that the phono input supports such a system, because MC systems are much less common and also produce a much lower output voltage. Certain amplifiers that support both the more common MM pickup and the MC pickup are often equipped with a toggle switch. Nevertheless, the following applies to both: no phono input means no integrated preamplifier either.

    preamplifier must be retrofitted. This is connected between the amplifier and the turntable and can be obtained for less than 50 Euro for the beginner.

    More info in our blog:

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