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Microphones in the Teufel Webshop

Excellent quality is just as important for the recording of music and speech as it is for playing audio content. For example, if you’re recording podcasts, audiobooks, singing, YouTube videos, or conferences, it is important that your voice comes through clearly so you’re well understood. Whether sound or voice: the best audio recordings require high-performance microphones made for the purpose. And that’s why we partnered with world-famous high-quality microphone manufacturer Shure.

How does a microphone work?

Microphones and acoustic transducers. There are many kinds of microphones, but to put it simply, they all work by the same principles: the sound vibrates a diaphragm, which the microphone translates into an electric signal. This signal is then processed electronically and recorded in order to be played back. But this is no simple task, because microphones have to work across a wide range of frequencies. For example, the sound of a human voice can range in frequency from around 80 Hz up to 12,000. For music and other audio tracks, the frequency range can get even wider.

Surely you’ve wondered what kinds of microphones there are and which microphones are best suited to your needs. But that is no easy question answer, because there are so many kinds of microphones for so many different purposes. That ranges from instrument mics, to those for speech, sung vocals, studio, camera, and more. To put it crudely, you can differentiate microphones based on directionality, features, and connectivity. The connectivity often is a good way to tell what the microphone was made to do. If it has an XLR output, it is probably made for a professional studio environment. USB meanwhile is more likely to be found on a microphone for home use. There are also all-purpose microphones such as the SHURE MV7, which has both a USB and an XLR connection and can be used for many different audio applications.

How can I buy the right microphone?

When selecting a microphone, these aspects are the most important to pay attention to:

  • What purpose should the microphone fulfill (what should it be able to do)? Is it for working from home or recording sung vocals?
  • Will the microphone be used on a PC or somewhere else? Is a dynamic microphone or condenser model better? That depends on the application and your preferences.
  • Looking for accessories for your microphone?

How can I connect a microphone to a PC?

In the case of the SHURE MV5 or MV7, it’s easy: first connect a USB cable to the microphone. Then connect the microphone directly to your computer. From there, you can use all kinds of tools to make recordings. And it doesn’t matter whether you use Shure apps or your favorite recording tool. Generally, all you have to do from there is find the right audio settings for the tool, then select your microphone as an input source. Then you can record sound and speech and process it. Of course you can also use headphones zur to monitor your recording quality, such as the Teufel REAL BLUE. When it comes to software, make sure not to go over your input volume of 0 dB, because that would be overpowering your microphone and could lead to distorted sound. Optimally, the input volume should be set between -6 dB and 0 dB so possible dynamic jumps can be smoothed over and adjusted for.

Do I need accessories for my microphone?

No matter if you’re ordering individual components or some of our most attractive bundles: our partners at Shure make sure all their products come with all necessary accessories just like our REAL BLUE headphone series. However, you should also take a look at the connectivity options of the microphone and any external devices you might be planning to use it with such as a mixer or computer. If needed, you might be able to find the right adapter for whatever use you have in mind. Both floor stands and desk stands can also be found on our website under Accessories.

Outstanding technological innovation: Shure microphones from the Teufel Webshop

Demand for microphones for video conferences and podcasts has been growing strongly in recent years. Because we take good quality seriously for recordings, we work only with select partners such as Shure, which now offers two easy to configure devices through our webshop:

  • Dynamic podcast microphone for singing, speech, and gaming with USB connectivity for laptop or desktop, as well as XLR for professional audio devices.
  • Extreme versatility makes it the perfect choice for anyone who needs clear and crisp vocal recordings.
  • Foreground your voice and use the accompanying app to customize the sound features to your various spaces. It also comes with either automatic or manual control.
  • Perfect for working from home or video conferencing.
  • Brings your voice to the forefront and delivers transparent sound with no bothersome outside noise.
  • Retro designed directional capsule fits on any desk and can be connected easily to a computer with USB.

Microphones with compatible headphones sold as great deal bundles

The Shure MV7 + REAL BLUE Bundle

This high-performance bundle contains the over-ear HD Bluetooth headphhones REAL BLUE, which offer both wired and wireless connectivity. The REAL BLUE come equipped with large linear HD drivers with ventilated ear chambers, neodymium magnets for zero distortion at any volume and dedicated audio output. The high capacity lithium ion battery allows it to play for up to 30 hours and charge back to full quickly.

This bundle comes with singing and speaking microphone SHURE MV7. This is also a dynamic microphone with cardioid pattern. Outside noises and static are efficiently minimized for super high quality live streaming, vocal recordings, YouTube videos, or video conferences. The SHURE MV7 has flexible setup options and great features. Optional ShurePlus™ MOTIV App also allows for voice isolation technology for optimized vocal clarity and professional recordings with no outside noise.

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