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Diffusori compatti per un suono avvolgente

Micro/Mini diffusori audio

Heimkino Microlautsprecher Consono 35 Mk3 CS FCR Lautsprecher Schwarz 2
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Micro speakers from Teufel: Small size, big sound

Teufel offers a range of powerful micro loudspeakers for every taste and budget. Often, the challenge in home cinema is to fill a room with sound without filling it with speakers. For those who don’t want to buy large home cinema systems, micro speakers are a great option that will add excitement and realism to your moving watching experience without drawing attention to themselves.

Compact speaker systems at entry level prices

Teufel’s Consono range offers an exciting home cinema experience in a micro format at a very affordable price. These 5.1 sets feature four identical satellites for a harmonious sound plus a powerful subwoofer. The centre speakers in all Consono sets are equipped with two midrange drivers for excellent speech intelligibility. An enveloping surround sound with a strong bass foundation, steady mids and clear high tones makes you feel like part of the action with your favourite movies.

Teufel’s Cubycon series offers micro surround speakers in a high-end format. Cubycon surround sound sets produce an unbelievable sound from small and incredibly stylish enclosures so that the choice between micro speakers or high-end becomes moot. It simply isn’t possible to pack in more high-end sound per cm². To top it all off, the high-performance subwoofers that come with each system endow them with a deep yet puch bass that Teufel is famous for. Cubycon systems deliver high-definition sound for movies as well as music and games.
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