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Ultima 20 Mk2 (2017)

Hi-fi, low price

Colore: Nero


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Stereo-Lautsprecher Ultima 20 Mk3 Schwarz

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Ultima 20 Mk2 - Set

Ecco perché amiamo questo prodotto

If you want a pair of speakers that produce great sound, but don't fill up your living room, the Ultima 20 might just be the one. For every style, it produces musical masterpieces with the same features as our bestselling Ultima 40.

Tutti i vantaggi in sintesi

  • 2 bookshelf speakers with superior Hi-Fi sound
  • Precise and powerful Teufel sound for any interior
  • Enjoy clean and clear bass thanks to a 165mm driver
  • 2-way construction features a 25mm tweeter for detailed high-tones
  • Universal compatibility with all amplifiers

Ultima 20 Mk2

The new version of our bestselling bookshelf speaker, the Ultima 20, boasts an even stronger construction, easier placement options, enhanced craftsmanship and more of the intense hi-fi sound praised by customers and technical publications alike. The new Ultima 20 Mk2 is all of these things yet remains one of the least expensive loudspeakers in our product range.

Stereo-Lautsprecher Ultima 20 Mk2 von Teufel

Even better than before

The tried and tested Ultima 20 has been further developed. Thanks to Klippel measurement technology, used for the first time in this price range, the frequency response has been made even more straightforward and balanced for an extremely natural reproduction. Bass reflex tubes with a trumpet attachment eliminate flow noises and guarantee more precise bass that can now reach even deeper tones. In addition, new wooden struts eliminate any vibrations.

Premium speakers

Quality you can trust: The Ultima 20 are among the best bookshelf speakers in their price class. Our developers in Berlin made sure this stereo pair has the best-possible sound thanks to the following:

  • Large 25 mm tweeters for a silky, soft treble
  • Large 165 mm midrange drivers with phase plug produce balanced, evenly dispersed sound
  • Trumpet bass reflex vents eliminate wind noise and chuffing for deep, clean bass
  • Klippel-optimized drivers ensure an incredibly balanced frequency response

Each driver has been optimized by first-class Klippel technology – a first for speakers in this price class. This precision calibration technology allows the Ultima 20 to produce linear and balanced playback. Bass reflex ports with trumpet vents enhance the bass without wind noise. Well-braced wooden enclosures minimize vibrations resulting in a very clean sound.

Established, universal, timeless

The Ultima 20 Mk2 scores points on style with harmoniously rounded edges, compact dimensions, and cleverly accented drivers – a self-confident look sure to enhance any interior. The speakers can be seamlessly integrated into any home, fitting easily on either a shelf, wall, or floor stand.

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Componenti inclusi nella consegna

Ultima 20 Mk2 (2017)
  • 1 × Paar Regal-Lautsprecher UL 20 Mk2 – Nero
    • 2 × Regal-Lautsprecher UL 20 Mk2 (Stk.) – Nero
Ultima 20 - Outline [SVG]

Specifiche tecniche

  • Ultima 20 Mk2 - Front Angled Nocover

    Shelf Speaker UL 20 Mk2

    Hi-fi bookshelf speaker with two-way construction in a bass reflex enclosure. Excellent bass playback, neutral mids and detailed highs thanks to the 165 mm midbass driver with phase plug along with a 25 mm tweeter. The Ultima 20 MK 2 has a performance capacity of 80 watts with distortion-free playback in rooms up to 25 m².

    • Descrizione Articolo
      Larghezza 21,5 cm
      Altezza 33,5 cm
      Spessore 24 cm
      Peso 6 kg
    • Descrizione Articolo
      Morsetti di collegemneto Morsetti a vite placcati oro
      Potenza minima consiglita dell'amplificator 30 W
    • Descrizione Articolo
      Predisposto per ricevitore AV si
      Predisposto per spina a banana si
      Diametro massimo cavo 4 mm
      Aperture di compensazione (posizione) Parte posteriore
      Aperture di compensazione 1
      Diametro supporto di montaggio 6 mm
      Cover frontale rimovibile si
      Materiale box MDF
      Superficie box Laminato
      Volume interno nettos 10 L
      Tweeter (numero per altoparlante) 1
      Tweeter (diametro) 25 mm
      Tweeter (materiale) Tessuto
      Medio bassi (numero per altoparlante) 1
      Medio bassi (diametro) 165 mm
      Medio bassi (materiale) Kevlar/ fibreglass
      Potenza continua (IEC - Long Term) 50 W
      Sensibilità (2.83 V / 1 m) 84 dB
      Range di frequenza da/a 70 - 20000 Hz
      Picco di potenza (IEC - Short Term) 80 W
      Massimo livello di pressione sonora 104 dB/1m
      Impedenza 4 - 8 Ohm
      Frequenza di crossover su woofer 80 Hz
      Principio acustico Sistema a 2-vie
      Tipo di costruzione del box Bassreflex
      Frequenza Crossover interno 2600 Hz

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