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Theater 6 Hybrid dipole

Colore: Bianco

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Theater 6 Hybrid - H 600 D - white - Paar

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  • For making a 5.2 set with the T 6 Hybrid or expanding a Theater 6 Hybrid into a 7.2 set
  • Components: 2 x H 600 D dipole rear speakers
  • Use: As center or rear/center speakers
  • Capacity: 80 / 120 watts
  • Position: Wall

Dipoles speakers

The H 600 D are doubly equipped with a phase-shifted tweeter and a mid-bass driver on each side. This dipole arrangement produces a diffuse and broad sound image and is the decisive factor behind the thrilling atmosphere created by the set. This sophisticated technology simulates the acoustic environment of a movie theatre. The dipoles can also be converted into direct sound transducers with the flip of a switch for gaming sessions and multichannel music.

Teufel Heimkino-Lautsprecher Theater 6 5.2-Heimkino 600 D
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Componenti inclusi nella consegna

Theater 6 Hybrid dipole
  • 1 × Paar Dipol-Lautsprecher H 600 D – Bianco
    • 1 × Dipol-Lautsprecher H 600 D (Links) – Bianco
    • 1 × Dipol-Lautsprecher H 600 D (Rechts) – Bianco

Specifiche tecniche

  • Theater 6 Hybrid - H 600 D - white - NoCover left

    Dipole Speaker H 600 D (Left)

    The H 600 D comes equipped with a phase-shifted tweeter and midrange driver on each side. This dipole construction creates a diffuse, wide sound image and is chiefly responsible for the creation of an exciting, intense atmosphere.

    • Descrizione Articolo
      Larghezza 19 cm
      Altezza 26 cm
      Spessore 17 cm
      Peso 4,7 kg
    • Descrizione Articolo
      Ingresso diffusore High Level 1
      Morsetti di collegemneto gold-plated screw terminal
      Potenza minima consiglita dell'amplificator 30 W
    • Descrizione Articolo
      Predisposto per ricevitore AV si
      Predisposto per spina a banana si
      Diametro massimo cavo 4 mm
      Cover frontale rimovibile si
      Materiale box MDF
      Superficie box Laminato/ laccato
      Tweeter (numero per altoparlante) 2
      Tweeter (diametro) 25 mm
      Tweeter (materiale) Tessuto
      Midrange (numero per altoparlante) 2
      Midrange (diametro) 130 mm
      Midrange (materiale) Tessuto
      Potenza continua (IEC - Long Term) 80 W
      Sensibilità (2.83 V / 1 m) 88 dB
      Range di frequenza da/a 80 - 22000 Hz
      Picco di potenza (IEC - Short Term) 120 W
      Massimo livello di pressione sonora 105 dB/1m
      Frequenza di crossover su woofer 80 Hz
      Principio acustico Sistema a 2-vie
      Tipo di costruzione del box chiuso
      Frequenza Crossover interno 2400 Hz

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