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Subwoofer compatto T 4000


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Subwoofer Bass T Schwarz von Teufel

Ecco perché amiamo questo prodotto

The T 4000 brilliantly circumvents the biggest problem most people encounter with subwoofers - room placement. An innovative flat design allows it to be placed under a sofa or television console or even wall mounted. Now matter where you place it, the T 4000 delivers the bone-shaking bass Teufel is famous for.

Tutti i vantaggi in sintesi

  • Premium flat active subwoofer
  • Innovative form makes it easy to place under a sofa or behind a sideboard
  • Suitable for surround and stereo sets
  • Woofers: 3 x 130 mm
  • Down-firing principle
  • 150 watts RMS
  • Recommended for Cubycon, Varion, LT & Columa sets
  • Works with all standard AV & stereo receivers
The T 4000 SW bridges the divide between something you can fit in your living room easily and mega bass playback. Its incredibly flat enclosure makes it easy to place the T 4000 out of the way. That small space behind the sofa or coffee table is enough. In fact, the T 4000 is so slender, it can even be positioned under most sofas, wall mounted or used to support your television. Its heavy duty, reinforced MDF enclosure was designed to withstand the weight of conventional televisions making it double as a great stand.

In spite of its highly convenient dimensions, T 4000 has a generous 250 watts of power. The three driver system, already successfully employed in Teufel’s highly popular System 4 THX model, is used here as well. This ensures balanced playback at THX standards and produces powerful, deep bass all the way down to 35 Hz for home cinema that puts you right in the action. Even at very high volumes, the long-throw drivers mean distortion is minimized.

The T 4000 is a universal subwoofer that can be combined with just about any home cinema set, even very high-performance models. This means the T 4000 is perfect for accompanying surround speakers or for giving an already complete 5.1 set an extra boost.
Flach-Subwoofer T 4000 - black - Couch Black 2
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Subwoofer compatto T 4000
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Specifiche tecniche

  • Subwoofer Bass T Schwarz von Teufel

    Subwoofer compatto T 4000

    A flat subwoofer designed to be placed on a wall or under a sofa or television. A 35 Hz low end ensures ample amounts of bone-shaking Teufel bass.

    • Descrizione Articolo
      Larghezza 95,5 cm
      Altezza 12,5 cm
      Spessore 30 cm
      Peso 13,2 kg
    • Descrizione Articolo
      Ingresso RCA Stereo 1
    • Descrizione Articolo
      Tensione di alimentazione 230 V
      Accensione / spegnimento automatico Si
      Presa di corrente del cavo di rete si
      Classe di protezione 2
      Salvavita si
      Memoria per impostazioni se scollegato da rete ele si
      Funzione Standby si
      Consumo energetico in standby 0,4 W
      Controller livello di ingresso si
      Regolatore di frequenza (intervallo) si Hz
      product.attribute.elektronik-subwoofer-phasenregelung-96 si
      Wireless Subwoofer si
      Potenza massima di uscita canale tweeter 150 W
      Potenza massima di uscita del canale del bass 240 W
      Configurazione dell'amplificatore 1.0
      Tecnologia degli amplificatori Class D
      Canali dell'amplificatore 1
    • Descrizione Articolo
      Fequenza limite inferiore (-3 dB) 35 Hz
      Predisposto per ricevitore AV si
      Downfire si
      Materiale box MDF
      Superficie box Lacquer, matte + laminate
      Stand integrato si
      Woofer (numero per altoparlante) 3
      Woofer (diametro) 130 mm
      Woofer (materiale) Cellulosa
      Range di frequenza da/a 35 - 200 Hz
      Massimo livello di pressione sonora 102 dB/1m
      Principio acustico Sistema a 1-vie
      Tipo di costruzione del box Bassreflex

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