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Serie Cubycon

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Headerbild - Narrower - Cubycon-Serie [Stageteaser]

I più grandi piccoli diffusori in circolazione. Estremamente potenti e semplici da posizionare.


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Cubycon - proving that small can be very mighty indeed

As a rule, the following applies: The larger the loudspeaker, the greater the sound. But there is an exception that turns this principle upside-down: Teufel’s Cubycon is a micro-box with maximum sound. And this one is available at a surprisingly low price online. With the Cubycon 2, which is currently available in Teufel's Onlineshop, we offer you the latest loudspeaker technology. Despite it’s small size, the ensemble produces sound levels usually only expected from significantly larger speaker sets. And the power of similar small sets from other manufacturers can be drained very quickly with the same performance levels. What does this mean for you? Well, if you are a fan of compact speaker sets and still love great cinema sound at home, you do not have to compromise. Largest sound from the smallest boxes: that is exactly what the Cubycon series can offer you.

The Cubycon satellites - size really doesn’t matter

In order to achieve this sound potential, we have taken particular care to look at the inner values of the set: whether the 5 CUB 2 FCR satellites are designed for the front, centre and rear range, or in a powerful aluminium Subwoofer US 5305/1 SW: we only use the very latest technology.

Together with the valuable know-how of the Teufel developers, we offer you 5 satellites of the sound-strong Cubycon systems, which are not much bigger than a ballpoint pen. You will only find pure high tech inside one of the aluminium CUB 2 FCRs: the small two-way speakers each contain a specially designed Koxial driver, which consists of an 80mm midrange driver, a 20mm horn-woofer with waveguide technology, as well as another 80mm mid-woofer. All three chassis have ultra-tight diaphragms. But that’s not all: the double bass reflex construction also ensures amazing bass. In contrast to the one-way system customary in speakers of this scale, a much more sophisticated and powerful soundscape can be produced. This also increases the maximum undisturbed overall volume. Of course, all 5 satellites are built the same way, which allows a very homogeneous sound also in the rear area.

The Subwoofer – support for the bassiest of bass tones

The subwoofer of the Cubycon does the rest. It provides handheld, low frequency support. Even though it is extremely small, its interior is all the more astounding for it: three 130mm long-stroke woofers combined with a powerful 150 Watt Class-D amplifier make the walls shake. The sub can rise very deep into the frequency cell and output basses up to 33 Hz.

You will hardly trust your ears when you hear how complex and organic the sound of the fine six-speaker is. Highest high tones, deepest bass tones and a stable mid-range - suitable for music, film and games. The Cubycon: small but proud. 

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