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Earbuds: wireless and ultra-lightweight with high wearing comfort

Wireless earbuds, with their good sound and portable design, have become an alternative to normal in-ear headphones. The headphones, also known colloquially as buds, are worn "in the ear" just like in-ears, but they are rather loosely inserted in the ear. The reason for this is that the earbud is not held in place by the earphone inserted in the ear canal, as is the case with in-ears, but by an additional strap that fixes the earbud in the ear. This increases the overall wearing comfort and freedom of movement when running, doing sports or travelling. The fine sound that plays directly into the ears remains the same.

Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX™ and AAC for music streaming

For high-resolution sound, earbuds like the SUPREME IN should also be equipped with Bluetooth 5 and also support the codecs aptX and AAC. With aptX, they are particularly suitable for Android smartphones and with AAC they are also a good alternative to Apple AirPods in terms of sound. Fine hi-fi sound is thus available everywhere. If Bluetooth 5 (BT 5 for short) is part of the equipment, there are also other options available for the small wireless earphones. These include the ShareMe function, which makes it possible to pair two headphones with a smartphone at the same time and thus listen to a song with good sound together with a partner.

Calling via the in-ear headset

When equipping the new in-ear headphones, frequent callers should look for an integrated headset. Because this enables the headphones to make wireless calls anywhere. If the headset function also supports Qualcomm® cVc™ technology, even ambient noise that reaches the microphone in the earphones is significantly reduced. The resulting noise-cancelling leads to better understanding overall, even when using the headset outdoors and the microphone also picks up ambient noise. Thanks to this feature, the smartphone can sometimes remain in the pocket when making a phone call with the Bluetooth headset.

How to wear earbuds?

Inserting an Earbud may be unusual at first for those switching from other Bluetooth earphones due to their design, but once you get the hang of it, inserting it quickly becomes a routine hand movement. The earphones are placed on the ear about 30 degrees to the front and then turned slightly to the back. To ensure that the in-ears are properly fixed in the crease of the ear, you can pull the strap of the earphones up or down accordingly and thus adjust them individually to the ear. The headphones fit optimally when the carrying loop sits in the ear fold and thus carries them.

We also have more info on wearing earbuds on the blog.

Powerful battery for long listening sessions

When it comes to the features of the earphones, you should of course also consider the battery. This should be powerful enough so that it can be used for a long time on the road without recharging. In this important category, the SUPREME IN offers almost all-day entertainment with up to 16 hours of runtime without recharging. Its fast-charging function also charges comparatively quickly, whether via powerbank or from a wall socket.

Other recommended equipment for operation and comfort

To ensure that the Bluetooth earphones can also be worn safely when not in use, the two earbuds on the SUPREME IN are magnetically attached to each other and can thus be worn securely around the neck like a necklace. To conserve battery power, the earphones switch off via the auto-off function when the buds touch each other. Further comfort features are the inline cable remote control and control buttons for music control and telephone calls with the headset. So all in all, nothing can distract from the good sound.

Fun to the power of 2 with the Teufel Headphones app

The optional Teufel Headphones app, available for Android and Apple smartphones, offers even more options for operating the Bluetooth earphones. The equalizer app function allows the sound of the earbuds to be individually adjusted and also permanently saved. The app also offers useful options such as software updates or checking the battery status.

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