AIRY Color Kit

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AIRY Color Kit

Customise your AIRY

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Teufel AIRY - Cushions - Set

Ecco perché amiamo questo prodotto

As colourful as your music. The AIRY Color Kit allows you to change the colour of your ear cushions.

Tutti i vantaggi in sintesi

  • Interchangeable ear cushions for the new and old generation Teufel AIRY
  • Not compatible with the new AIRY 2018
  • Made from soft, robust and easy-to-clean imitation leather
  • Delivery contents: 4 pairs of ear cushions, 4 pairs of silicone rings in various colours
  • Contents: 4 pairs of ear cushions, 3 pairs of silicone rings, assorted colours
  • Maintain their shape even at extremely high or low temperatures
  • Easy to exchange ear cushions: twist, click – done!

Componenti inclusi nella consegna

  • 1× AIRY Color Kit

Specifiche tecniche

  • Teufel AIRY - Cushions - Set

    AIRY Color Kit