Stand AC 7001 SP

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Stand AC 7001 SP

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Standfuß AC 7001 SP - Front Angled

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  • Stand for compact loudspeakers
  • Works with horizontal and vertical loudspeaker placement
  • Speaker cable can be concealed within the steel tubing
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Metal/MDF
  • Package unit: One piece
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With this stand, compact loudspeakers can be placed at a height that is ideal for the average listening position. With a seated listening position (couch, arm chair), the tweeters will be at ear level which helps transmit a precise and differentiated sound image with music, movies, and games.

The AC 7001 SP stand is made of aluminium with a heavy, lacquered floor plate made from wood. The speaker cable (up to 6 mm²) can be concealed within the tubing. The loudspeakers are securely attached to the stand with screws so that they cannot be disloded. The heavy construction also abosrbs vibrations.

The AC 7001 SP is the successor to the AC 2002 SP and the AC 4002 SP. The price given is for one stand. The stands are always individually packed for delivery.

Componenti inclusi nella consegna

  • 1× Stand AC 7001 SP

Specifiche tecniche

  • Standfuß AC 7001 SP - Front Angled

    Stand AC 7001 SP

    • Descrizione Articolo
      Piastra di base - larghezza 25,00 cm
      Piastra di base - altezza 3,50 cm
      Piastra di base - lunghezza 37,00 cm
      Altezza totale 68,50 cm
      Varie Diameter of the steel tubes: 6.5 cm
      Portata massima 15,00 kg

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