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Vogliamo offrirti un'esperienza di navigazione sicura che si adatti ai tuoi interessi. A tal fine, Teufel utilizza cookie e altre tecnologie di tracciamento su questo sito Web – anche di terze parti.

Con i cookie noi e altri marketing partner elaboriamo i tuoi dati e scopriamo cosa ti piace - attraverso il tuo comportamento sul nostro sito Web e le informazioni dal tuo dispositivo. Dipende da te: se clicchi su "Accetta selezione", confermi la nostra impostazione di base, in cui attiviamo solo i cookie necessari. Questo ti darà consigli, ma saranno scelti a caso. Cliccando su "Accetta tutto" riceverai invece pubblicità personalizzata e contenuti davvero rilevanti per te. Qui acconsenti all'uso di tutti i cookie e al trasferimento e all'elaborazione dei tuoi dati negli Stati Uniti. Per una selezione individuale, puoi anche attivare o disattivare ogni categoria individualmente e confermare con "Accetta selezione".
Puoi modificare tutti i consensi in qualsiasi momento in "Impostazioni dati" e revocarli con effeto per il futuro. Per ulteriori informazioni, rimandiamo alla nostra informativa sulla privacy e all'impressum.

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Guidelines regarding the use of cookies on our website

We use cookies on our website so that we can offer you an exceptional user experience. Cookies are an important tool that allow us to make our website and services as user-friendly as possible. To this end, cookies give us information regarding our visitors’ browsing habits. This allows us to constantly improve our service, products and marketing initiatives.
The following will inform you about the types of cookies used by Lautsprecher Teufel GmbH as well as to what end and how you can adjust your cookie settings to suit your own needs and preferences.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files that contain short amounts of textual information. This information is saved in your web browser’s directory. There are different types of cookies:

Session cookies are used to link together certain actions made during a browser session. They can, for instance, be used to save the contents of your shopping cart while you browse the webshop. These cookies are deleted once your browser program is closed.

Persistent cookies, also called stored cookies, are saved on your device and allow it to recognize you during subsequent visits to the website or the websites of third parties. The length of time for which persistent cookies are saved depends on the particular function of the cookie and can range anywhere from 24 hours to several years. You have the option of deleting cookies from your browser at any time. You can learn more about persistent cookies in the section titled “The administration of cookies.”

First-party cookies are placed by the websites you visit. Third-party cookies, on the other hand, are placed by websites other than those which you’ve visited.

You can learn more about cookies here:

Tracking pixels, also called web beacons, are small graphics that can be embedded in a website or email. Tracking pixels gather information about visitors to a website and their browsing habits such as: Information regarding the type of browser and operating system used, the date and time the website was visited and which products were viewed. Tracking pixels are especially helpful when evaluating the effectiveness of a particular marketing action. Tracking pixels can also deliver information about whether an email was opened or not. In the context of these guidelines, as well as our privacy policy, we use the term “cookie” as a synonym for cookies, tracking pixels and similar technologies that serve the purpose of saving information in your browser or the collection of information.

How do we use cookies?

Different cookies are used on our website for different purposes. We differentiate between three essential cookie functions:

Technically essential cookies are required for the seamless operation of our webshop. Technically essential cookies enable navigation through the webshop and the use of essential functions such as the shopping cart and user account.

Analysis cookies help us to understand how our website is used, which products are popular, what terms are entered in the search or how often a voucher code is used. All of this information is compiled anonymously and cannot be traced back to any individual. With the help of data from analysis cookies, we create statistics on the basis of which we are able to consistently improve our website as well as recognize new customer trends.

Ad cookies are used by us in order to create offers based on your interests. These offers can appear either on our website, a third party website or in our newsletter. Ad cookies are what allows us to register your browsing habits, the products you prefer and the purchases you have made. This enables us to show you only the information that is relevant to you. The data gathered and saved by us is compiled using pseudonyms as user profiles. These user profiles are evaluated in order to improve and better target our offers. The pseudonymised data does not permit us to draw any conclusions about any particular person. You will only receive personal recommendations via email if you expressly agree to their receipt.

Please note that ad cookies employ both first-party and third-party cookies. Cookies from third parties, for example, give us access to anonymous analyses of our webshop. In addition, they can be used for advertisements and by online marketing agencies as well as on ad exchange platforms. The use of cookies from respective providers takes places outside of our control; we are therefore unable to provide any assurances. You have the ability to prohibit the use of third-party cookies. Lean more about this in the section titled “The administration of cookies.”

The administration of cookies

You have various options when it comes to managing how the cookies we employ are used. When you first visit our website, the cookies used by us are activated. Our website includes a corresponding notification. We assume that you are in agreement with the use of cookies if you continue to use the website. We are providing you with the below tool that allows you to activate and deactivate cookies on our website. Your preferences are saved in a special cookie so that you will not need to select your settings again during your next visit to the site.

Please note that your settings will be lost if the cookies are deleted and you will have to again select which cookies you would like to activate or deactivate. In addition, your choice of settings only applies to the browser and device you select them from. The administration of cookies across multiple devices and browsers is not possible. For this reason, you must select your settings individually for each device and browser used. Your cookie settings can be configured as follows:

In addition, you have the ability to manage the cookies in your browser. Cookies are usually automatically accepted by most browsers, but you have the ability to configure the browser you use in such a way so that no cookies or only certain cookies are accepted. You can change your browser settings so that you are informed every time a cookie is received. You can also delete the cookies saved in your browser. You’ll find information regarding the applicable functions of your browser in the “help area” of your browser.

Please note that if you deactivate all cookies, certain functions on our website will not be available to you.

You can learn more about ad-based third-party cookies and their uses on the following third party website:

Contact information

If you have questions or remarks regarding our use of cookies or how we use the data obtained from cookies, you can find more information in our privacy notice. You can also contact us directly at

Changes to the guidelines

The contents of these guidelines reflect the current status and may be edited at a later point. All changes will be published here. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Last updated: May 2018