CONCEPT E 450 Digital Superior Edition

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CONCEPT E 450 Digital Superior Edition


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Microlautsprecher Concept E 450 von Teufel

Ecco perché amiamo questo prodotto

The Concept E 450 Digital Superior Edition is identical to our classic bestseller, the <a target="_blank" href="index.php?vw_type=308&vw_id=15407"><strong>Concept E 450 Digital</strong></a>, except for one detail: Instead of small satellites, the Superior Edition features majestic aluminium columns. With the Superior Edition, you’ll get the most out of television, movies, gaming and music.

Tutti i vantaggi in sintesi

  • A complete 5.1 surround system with powerful sound and amazing bass
  • Plug-&-play system for PCs, Macs, notebooks, PS4s, Wii Us, Xbox Ones, TVs, Blu-ray players & Bluetooth
  • Digital and analog inputs, 5.1 USB sound card, decoders for Dolby Digital, Pro Logic 2 & DTS
  • XXL downfire subwoofer guarantees powerful bass with a 32 Hz low end
  • Premium aluminium columns + centre each equipped with a 2-way system
  • Handy puck remote for controlling the system from anywhere in the room
  • Comes with USB cable, loudspeaker cable and centre stand
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Alles passt an dieses 5.1-Surround-Sound-System

Die Superior Edition kommt mit den starken Aluminium Säulen des bereits mehrfach prämierten Columa 300 Mk2. Das Concept E 450 lässt sich so noch besser aufstellen, sieht noch edler aus und bietet dabei die gleichen Features und den gleichen XXL-Bass wie das Concept E 450 Digital.

Configuration Set L

This set consists of four column speakers, a centre speaker plus upright active subwoofer. The high-quality columns are made of solid aluminium and provide the best conditions for good acoustics in addition to a pleasant feel. The material is distortion-resistant and prevents unpleasant resonances.

Klanglich optimal: Aluminium-Säulen

Mit seinen schmalen Lautsprechern wird das Columa 300 Mk2 zur perfekten optischen und akustischen Ergänzung eines modernen Flachbildschirms. Durch neutrale Formsprache, schlanke Erscheinung, zwei Farbausführungen und unterschiedliche Kombinationen aus langen Säulen und kurzen Satelliten passt sich das Set jedem Wohnraum geschmeidig an.

Sleek and Powerful Column Speakers

Columa 300 Mk2 slender column speakers are the perfect visual and aural accompaniments to flat screen televisions. A neutral look means they fit perfectly into any living space.

From an acoustic perspective, the Columa 300 Mk2 delivers Teufel's hallmark audio: Powerful, clear, and true-to-source. The newly developed speakers with loudspeaker components optimised through an in-house Klippel measurement system are bound to impress the most discerning ear.

Heimkino null Columa 300 Mk2 FR Lautsprecher
Teufel Heimkino null Columa 300 Mk2 C Center-Lautsprecher Frontansicht

Tried and tested by over 70,000 customers

The combination of slim aluminium speakers brings you a special home entertainment sound experience in an elegant, flexible and affordable way. This is why our Columa 300 Mk2, together with its predecessors (Columa 300 and Concept S), has been so popular for many years. After all, it has been welcomed into well over 70,000 German living rooms (as of January 2013), and there are more and more of them every day. Try it for yourself - the proof is in the sound!

The Concept E 450 Digital: Back & better than ever

The Concept E 450 Digital is a true multi-media system that can be used with just about any source device: PS4, PS3, Wii, Wii U, Xbox, Xbox 360, televisions, DVD players, Blu-ray players, smartphones, PCs, Macs. All digital and analogue inputs as well as connection terminals for the satellite speakers are located on the back of the subwoofer.

The clearly laid out front display allows the user to activate a wide range of settings:

  • Select the input source
  • Overall volume
  • Adjust individual levels
  • Play music mixed for stereo as surround using Dolby Pro Logic 2 Upmix
  • Set an automatic sound format selection (stereo, DTS or Dolby Digital)
  • Adjust the subwoofer level
Microlautsprecher Concept E 450 Teufel Display Anzeige SW Subwoofer

Stream from your smartphone with Bluetooth

It’s easy to stream audio from your smartphone or tablet to the Concept E 450 via Bluetooth. The Concept E 450 supports aptX, a Bluetooth codec that enables for near CD quality playback. You can stream millions of songs, for instance, from the Spotify App on your smartphone. The Concept E 450 can even convert these tracks into a 5.1 format for an immersive concert in surround sound thanks to Dolby Pro Logic’s Upmix stereo to surround sound processing technology.

Microlautsprecher Concept E 450 Teufel

XXL subwoofer

Larger, heavier, louder and deeper: this subwoofer is without equal when it comes to gaming and compact surround sound systems. Here's why:

  • Down-firing subwoofer with 300 mm bass driver was optimised with Klippel measurements for extremely deep and dry bass
  • The bass driver’s long throw suspension renders high, distortion-free levels
  • Teufel’s proprietary Air Stream Bass technology was further optimized resulting in no wind noise at high levels
  • 32 Hz low end for bass you can feel
  • 120 dB of maximum sound pressure for exhilerating gaming in even larger rooms
  • Integrated 500 watt 5.1 amplifier with new, highly efficient class D technology
  • Lighter driver membrane for a frequency range of 33 – 200 Hz for seamless integration with the satellites without frequency gaps
  • Classic, straightforward design with rounded corners and high gloss finish
  • Robust, well-braced MDFconstruction reduces troublesome resonances
  • Recessed connection panel allows the system to be placed directly against a wall
  • Automatic on and off: The system turns itself on automatically from standby mode when it receives a signal and off again if no signal is sent
  • Resonance damping rubber feet included with delivery

Remote control

The Teufel Puck Control remote control offers convenient control options for volume, source selection, muting and switching on and off. Thanks to its robust design and rubberised surface, it has great grip and won't roll off the table. 2 AA batteries are included.
Bluetooth Fernbedienung Puck Control Aufstellungsmöglichkeit

Componenti inclusi nella consegna

  • 4× Column Speaker CL 302 FR (pc.)
  • 1× Center Speaker CL 302 C
  • 1× Puck Wireless Remote Control
  • 1× 2.0 USB-Cable 2.0m - C7020U
  • 1× Cavo diffusore 30 m C1030S
  • 1× Cavo di alimentazione
  • 1× Active-Subwoofer CM 2014 SW

Specifiche tecniche

  • Columa 300 Mk2 - CL 302 C black front angled

    Center Speaker CL 302 C

    A long and slender loudspeaker designed to be placed directly under the viewing screen. This is the perfect place for the LC 302, which can reproduce clear and precise speech from movies and television. Simply place it on the included stand or fix it to the wall with a handy bracket on the back.

    A modified crossover allows the CL 302 C to achieve precise tuning based on its position on either a stand or wall. Otherwise, the centre is equipped with the same two midrange drivers and tweeter calotte as the column speakers and so contributes to the set’s especially harmonious sound. The speaker’s especially slender enclosure is made from solid aluminium. Robust terminals ensure secure connections for cables up to 4 mm² and nearly lossless transmission.

    • Descrizione Articolo
      Larghezza 39,20 cm
      Peso 1,40 kg
      Altezza 8,50 cm
      Spessore 12,60 cm
    • Descrizione Articolo
      Predisposto per ricevitore AV Si
      Diametro massimo cavo 2,50 mm
      Principio acustico Sistema a 2 vie
      Modello box chiuso
      Materiale box Aluminium
      Superficie box Matte, metallic lacquer
      Schermatura magnetica Si
      Volume interno netto 2,9 litri
      Gancio di fissaggio a serratura Si
      Montaggio staffa a parete Si
      Tweeter (numbero per box) 1
      Tweeter (diametro) 19,00 mm
      Tweeter (materiale) Fabric
      Medio bassi (numero per box) 2
      Medio bassi (diametro) 70,00 mm
      Medio bassi (materiale) Cellulose, coated
      Potenza continua (IEC -Long Term) 80 watt
      Sensibilità (2,83 V / 1 m) 84 dB
      Range di frequenza da/a 120 - 20000 Hz
      Picco di potenza (IEC Short Term) 100 watt
      Massimo livello di pressione sonora 96 dB/1m
      Impedenza 4 - 8 Ohm
    • Descrizione Articolo
      Morsetti di collegamento Screw terminals, gold plated
      Potenza minima consigliata amplificatore 20 watt
    Columa 300 Mk2 - CL 302 FR black back angled

    Column Speaker CL 302 FR (pc.)

    These over one meter tall and extremely slender solid aluminum columns are both striking and unassuming, perfect for blending in to any interior. The space-saving design includes a round mount with a diameter of just 22cm. The height of the loudspeakers makes them perfectly adapted to the reproduction of a highly transparent sound.

    Two klippel optimised 70 mm celluloid midrange drivers and a 19mm fabric dome tweeter produce a clear, transparent, and perfectly tuned sound. Uniform lateral dispersion ensures superb tone even outside of an ideal listening position. Robust terminals maintain secure connections for cables up to 4 mm².

    • Descrizione Articolo
      Larghezza 8,50 cm
      Peso 4,50 kg
      Altezza 112,00 cm
      Spessore 12,60 cm
    • Descrizione Articolo
      Predisposto per ricevitore AV Si
      Diametro massimo cavo 2,50 mm
      Principio acustico 2-way
      Modello box Closed
      Materiale box Aluminium
      Superficie box Matte, metallic lacquer
      Schermatura magnetica Si
      Volume interno netto 2,9 litri
      Tweeter (numbero per box) 1
      Tweeter (diametro) 19,00 mm
      Tweeter (materiale) Fabric
      Midrange (numero per box) 2
      Midrange (diametro) 70,00 mm
      Midrange (materiale) Cellulose, coated
      Potenza continua (IEC -Long Term) 80 watt
      Sensibilità (2,83 V / 1 m) 84 dB
      Range di frequenza da/a 120 - 20000 Hz
      Picco di potenza (IEC Short Term) 100 watt
      Massimo livello di pressione sonora 96 dB/1m
      Impedenza 4 - 8 Ohm
      Medio bassi (materiale) Cellulose, coated
    • Descrizione Articolo
      Morsetti di collegamento Gold-plated screw terminals
      Potenza minima consigliata amplificatore 20 watt

    Puck Wireless Remote Control

    The puck remote control enables the intuitive control of the Concept E Digital and Boomster over even large distances (over 10 meters). The ergonomic puck was developed to fit easy into the palm of the hand, but can also be placed on a table top. A rubberized surface keeps the device from sliding when in use.

    • Descrizione Articolo
      Larghezza 8,00 cm
      Peso 0,32 kg
      Altezza 3,00 cm
      Spessore 8,00 cm
    • Descrizione Articolo
      Telecomando radio radio
      Materiale Plastic / metal
      Varie Illumination, mute, volume and source selection
    • Descrizione Articolo
      Bluetooth Si
      Bluetooth Yes
    Microlautsprecher Concept E 450 Komplettanlage Digital Mk3 SW Subwoofer Frontansicht

    Active-Subwoofer CM 2014 SW

    XXL downfire subwoofer with integrated USB sound card, Bluetooth, decoders for Dolby Digital Pro Logic 2 and DTS as well as digital and analog inputs. Comes with a handy remote control.

    • Descrizione Articolo
      Larghezza 40,00 cm
      Peso 27,00 kg
      Altezza 62,50 cm
      Spessore 40,00 cm
    • Descrizione Articolo
      Uscite diffusore di qualità superiore 5
      AUX Si
      Ingresso RCA Stereo 1
      Ingresso presa jack 3,5mm 3
      Entrate digitali coassiali 1
      Entrate digitali ottiche 1
      Morsetti di collegamento Spring clips
      Scheda audio USB 5.1 Si
      Bluetooth aptX Si
      Bluetooth Yes
      Bluetooth Si
      Compatibile con Amazon Echo Si
      Compatibile con Google Home‌ Si
      Varie Bluetooth with aptX-Codec
      USB 2.0 Yes
    • Descrizione Articolo
      DTS Si
      Dolby Digital Si
      Dolby Pro Logic II Si
      Dolby Pro Logic II Si
    • Descrizione Articolo
      Convertitore audio digitale / analogico 24 Bit, Cirrus Logic D/A-Wandler
      Decodificatore DD / dts / PLII integrato Si
      DSP integrato Si
      Varie 100% compatible with Blu-ray and gaming soundtracks
      Tipo di schermo Lacquer
      Schermo Si
      Telecomando radio radio
      Materiale Plastic, metal
      Alimentazione elettrica 2 x AAA
      Tensione sotto carico 230 Volt
      Assorbimento massimo 500 watt
      Cavo di alimentazione fisso Si
      Classe di protezione 2
      Fusibile Yes
      Varie Automatic off
      Memoria per impostazioni se scollegato da rete elettrica Si
      Funzione standby Si
      Consumo energetico in standby 0,40 watt
      Controllo del livello di ingresso Si
      Telecomando Si
      Regolatore di frequenza (intervallo) 32 Hz
      Controllo livello Yes
      Potenza di uscita canale satellitare a onda sinusoidale 45 watt
      Potenza di uscita canale woofer a onda sinusoidale 150 watt
      Potenza massima di uscita canale satellitare 60 watt
      Potenza massima di uscita canale subwoofer 200 watt
      Configurazione amplificatore 5.1
      Tecnologia amplificatore Class-D
      Canali amplificatore 6
      Subwoofer Si
    • Descrizione Articolo
      Predisposto per ricevitore AV Si
      Diametro massimo cavo 2,50 mm
      Principio acustico Sistema a 1 via
      Apertura di equalizzazione (posizione) Underside
      Apertura di equalizzazione 1
      Cover frontale rimovibile Si
      Modello box Bassreflex
      Materiale box MDF
      Superficie box Matte, lacquered
      Stativo integrato Si
      Woofer (numero per box) 1
      Woofer (diametro) 300,00 mm
      Woofer (materiale) Cellulose, coated
      Range di frequenza da/a 32 - 150 Hz
      Massimo livello di pressione sonora 113 dB/1m
      Varie Klippel®-optimized woofers with a long stroke

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Consegna puntuale, veloce e corretta lt. ordine senza danni! Montaggio molto facile incl. spiegazioni perfette nelle descrizioni...
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Made in Germany
Non è stato il mio primo sistema Teufel e, come previsto, ancora una volta la migliore qualità. Il sistema ha un ottimo aspetto, è ben fatto e ha un suono guuuten. Si può ancora dire come si chiama "Made in Germany".
Molto soddisfatti, massima qualità!
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Super cool
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Classe Impianto
Penso che il sistema sia semplicemente fantastico. La costruzione è molto semplice. Disimballare, collegare le scatole e via. I diffusori a torre hanno un buon suono chiaro e il basso è estremo. L'ho impostato a poco più della metà ed è venuto fuori davvero bene. Tutto sommato, lo trovo molto coerente. Sono molto soddisfatto e non posso che raccomandarli
Le aspettative sono state pienamente soddisfatte.
Sono molto soddisfatto del Concept E 450. Se possibile, i diffusori da pavimento preferiscono i satellitiIl suono surround è molto buono e stabile, non importa se si tratta di film, musica o giochi. Le connessioni Bluetooth sono stabili e possono essere stabilite in modo rapido e sicuro. Prima dell'acquisto, è necessario considerare le dimensioni del subwoofer.
Molto bene Klang😬
Il sistema audio è molto facile da usare e per i miei gusti è perfetto per chi non ha molta familiarità con i sistemi audio. Collegatelo, regolate il volume di ogni altoparlante, alzate i bassi e godetevelo. Prodotto top con un buon rapporto qualità-prezzo. Altamente raccomandato 😊👍
Super, solo in alto.
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