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Studiare diventa più caro? Noi diventiamo più economici.
Assicurati il 10% di sconto

Sconto studenti

Diligent learning, diligent saving.

Students receive a 10% discount: Discover your favourite product now and save! Simply register via to prove your enrolment and receive your discount code directly. Are you in education or training? Then send us a copy of your training certificate together with your order (quantity, colour, payment method, delivery and invoice address) by email to and also receive a 10% discount.

Voucher valid until 30.09.2021. Excluded from the education discount are purchases already made, promotional offers, discounted or price-reduced items (also not for bundles, B-goods or promotions with free additions). The educational discount cannot be redeemed in combination with other promotional vouchers. The validity period for the voucher code for trainees may vary; the conditions communicated by Customer Service apply here.